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Ariana Grande: Problem Preview #2

Check out new teaser of Ariana Grande's upcoming single Problem featuring Iggy Azalea
Problem is set to release at 2014 Radio Disney Music Awards on April 27.

 In case you misssed. check out first preview of Problem

Ariana Grande: Easter Performance With Big Sean At White House

Ariana Grade rocks on stage with Big Sean as they perform at white house during 2014 Easter Egg Roll on Monday afternoon (April 21).

The 20-year-old actress wore purple over size sweater (looks cute).

Ariana will release her latest single Problem at 2014 Radio Disney Awards  but for listen Preview here

Check Ariana performing with Big Sean inside

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Ariana Grande: Problem Preview - Listen Now!

Check out preview of Ariana Grande's upcoming song, Problem

The 20-year-old songstress share the above on screen lyric video.

 We love the song, what's about you ??

Ariana Grande’s New Single “Problem” Art Work Ft Iggy Azalea!

Ariana Grande final share her upcoming single Problem Art Work.

Iggy Azalea will feature in the song which plan to debut at 2014 Radio Disney Awards On April 27.

Ari also share some unofficial pics inside

What you think about the cover ?

Ariana Grande: “Don’t Be Gone Too Long” Visual Artwork

Check out the Visual artwork of  "Don’t Be Gone Too Long" starring Ariana Grande and Chris Brown.

 "Don’t Be Gone To Long" was scheduled to be released last month, but upon Chris Brown’s temporary sentencing to jail, Ariana Grande and her camp were forced to delay the collaboration.

But to urge fans the team release the below video which feature Chris Brown.

What you think about the visual artwork ?

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Sam & Cat: #DroneBabyDron Favorite Moments & Tv Caps

#DroneBabyDron was so good and we miss Goomer.

The episode inspire from Amzon's recent announcement  AMAZON’S DRONE .

We also get to know that Nona wear a wig :D.

Ok Here's Our Favorite Moments -

1.  When Cat said she want punch on Dice Face

2. When Sam put water on Dice

3. When Cat make baby sounds

4. Cat, Sam and Nona grab their hair when the worker mentions the drones taking lady's wigs.

5. When the drone take Nona wigs 
Sam & Cat: #DroneBabyDron Favorite Moments & Tv Caps
More TV CAPS Of #DroneBabyDron Inside

Sam & Cat: #DroneBabyDron Exclusivre Clip

Check out the exclusive clip form Sam and Cat episode titled. #DroneBabyDron .

In this clip Sam, Cat., Dice and Nona are seat all together but suddenly they rember their Drone is flying on the sky.

#DroneBabyDrone AIR This Saturday @ 8 PM Nick

    Next Episode

    #FirstClassProblems - APRIL 26 @ 8PM


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