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Jennette McCurdy: Gearing UP For  Own Web Series!

Jennette McCurdy is set to write and star on own web series titled What’s Next for Sarah.

The 22-year-old actress will play the eponymous Sarah, an actress who gained fame on a TV show for tweens and is now forced to figure out what to do with her life.

I wanted What’s Next for Sarah to be a light-hearted call-out to some of the more absurd experiences I’ve faced growing up in the entertainment industry,” She told THR “My goal was to exaggerate some of the more classic Hollywood archetypes — the phony reporter, the insincere agent, the duplicitous casting director — and heighten them to a surreal extent that we can all laugh at.

She added, “We all have those moments where we feel like the world is entirely crazy, and we’re the only sane person.”

What you think about Jennette new show ?

Cat Aka Ariana Grande turn 21 today (June 26).

Happy Birthday Girl

The Sam and Cat star tweeted her excitement
twenty one!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sam & Cat: #KnockOut Sneak Peek!!
Check out the Sneak peek of Sam and Cat TOMORROW Episode, #KnockOut.

In this episode, Sam and Cat help Goomer deal with a bully at the gym.

#KnockOut Premiere TOMMOROW @ 8PM ON NICK.

Sam & Cat: #KnockOut THIS SATURDAY!!!

So Finally our wait is over guys - Sam and Cat back with a bang!

We know you all excited for new episode.

KnockOut will focus on Goomer aka  Gieux Merr.

Don't forget to tune Nick, This Saturday @ 8 PM for all new episode of  KnockOut.

Check out Ariana Grande's Problem Music Video featuring Iggy Azalea and Big Sean!

But as we expeted the video not looks good :(

Check our Ariana Grande and Iggy Azalea performance at 2014 Billboard Music Awards.

Ariana Rock the stage with Iggy, they both wear short dress.

 Ari tweeted later in the night
Thank you @billboard #bbmas for having me and my loves for cheering me on I love u
What you think about Ari Performance ??

Ariana Grande recently comment on her opinion on Internet.

The 21-year-old actress share over twitter that Internet is the best and worst thing ever happen to a celebrity.

The internet is the best and the worst thing that’s ever happened to us, but I like it ’cause I get to talk to you.

Do you agree with Ariana ??

    Next Episode

    #KnockOut- JUNE 7@ 8PM


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